Rules , Info and Stuff ...
Rules , Info and Stuff ...
General Upload Requirements ?

1.flac , shn , ape  (no mp3)
2.Non commercial only
3.No Cd rips of shows burned from previously downloaded lossless files
4.No audio rips from video of released concert
5.No webcast in source
6.Upgrades,Remix's,Pitch corrected(speed) and other 'upgrades' to shows allready on tracker require a mod ok
7.No unknown source shows
8.Mods have the right to pull anything at anytime without any reason.
9.Dvd seeds as burnable file structure only (avi is ok , no iso)
10.No out of print video
11.No webcasts
12.No shrunk/re authored dvd's
Aduio Requirements ?

1. Artist/Band
2. Date : YYYY-MM-DD
3. Venue, City, Country
4. Recording source: (what was used to record)
5. Transfer source: (what was used to transfer)
6. Taper: (give credit to the original taper)
7. Flac Ffp or Md5: (Yes if inside torrent)
8. Setlist: (track numbers required)
9. Info: (any useful info)

Do your best / do what other uploaders do ...
Video Requirements ?

1. Only DVD (no vcd,svcd ext)
**some AVI now ok **
2. No Out of print
3. Torrent must be in a file that includes video_ts, and text file.
4. Md5
5. Pal or NTSC must be included
-if neither frame rate must be included..

NTSC and PAL designation is important, and must be included at a very minimum. Additionally, it is good practice to include the audio and video codec information. Audio is usually .ac3 (Dolby Digital) mp1, mp2, mp3, or PCM. We request that, along with designating the video system, you include the following statistics:  
  * Video codec
  * Audio codec
  * Audio bitrate
6. Only DVDs produced as DVDs may be seeded here.

No DVDs will be allowed to be seeded here with conversions from lesser quality video (ie. VCD/SVCD/DivX/xvid/etc converted to DVD). Converting a lesser quality video to DVD does not make the quality of the video any better, and is therefore pointless. It is equivilent to creating a flac fileset from mp3s simply because the flac format came around and is better than all others. None of the above mentioned video codecs are up to par with The Reggae Traders Video BT Seeding Guidelines, and therefore, will not be allowed on the tracker.
I never got the validation email ?

PM Admin or Mod

Hotmail could give you problems . Gmail and Yahoo are recomended.
Can I get more download credits from donating ?

What is download credit or DC 's ?

No more ratios
You gets credits for seeding and other stuff too
You need credits to download new shows
My account got switched to validating or guest ..

Theres an issue with your account
contact admin
It wont let me download , im blocked ?

You most likely need more download credits to continue
seed , donate , contact mod or admin
Where do I upload ?

you gotta ask mod to change your status
no problem just ask ...
Whats up with invites ???

Yes we use the invites...
Mostly to keep out spam
Any1 can get one just ask if you need it ...
Not a great recording , remaster ?

Unless you know what your doing (most dont) you will screw it up and make it worse..

From Ray:
I just killed that remaster. This is something we just don't want. If your not satisfied with the master of the taper then do it and keep it to yourself. These kinda actions mess up the lossless pool....as I don't like the middle part and my friend want some more hiats....see where i'm going...

Nothing personal o/c
Is it ok to share a torrent from reggae traders on another site ?


Once a torrent is out in the world it is free to roam. Out of respect for the taper , we ask you wait 24 hrs after it is seeded on RT. Also we ask that you dont make any edits to the show.The proper way to take care of a situation like this would be to pm the uploader and tell him about the edits you want to do, suggest a manner to fix the torrent, and let the original uploader redo it.

  Site Disclaimer
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